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amy 6.3.2007

Amy does boompty. Thanks to East Coast Boogie Ken for the bootleg. While I am at it, thanks to AIM so we can send each other unreleased tracks all day long along with random weirdness.

Click here or control+click here and download amy_6_3_2007.mp3

Freil - Makes Me Feel - BBE Music
The Avalanches - A Different Feeling - XL Recordings
A Tribe Called Quest vs. Sir Piers & Si Ashton - Bonita Applebaum - Promo
Gavin Boyce - So Obvious - Alphabet Music
Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias - Boogie No more - Net's Work & Songs
Outkask - The Way (Instrumental) - JTM
Kastdoubt - Behold A Lady - JTM
White Lotus Society - Space Cadillac (JT Donaldson Remix) - Muzique Boutique
The Sound Republic - Pimp - Guesthouse
Unknown - Ken ECB - CDR
Laid Back - White Horse - Rire Records
Rob Mello - Fantasize - Classic
No Assembly Firm - All Jacked Up - .dotbleep
Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver - Play The Game Joshua's Vocal Mix - Music For Freaks
Tracey Thorn - it's All True (DSE Dub) - Virgin Records

amy 1.26.2006

This is the mix that won me the title of Best DJ in SF at the SF Weekly. This was a bittersweet time for me actually. I was going through part 2 of the horrible break up where I finally moved out. I remember getting that phone call where the music editor called me to let me know that I've won the title and that they will be flying me out to DJ at Ultra Music Festival, the closing party at the Winter Music Conference. After the first rush of excitement, it was this immediate feeling of melancholy. This mix starts off very melancholy, again, shadowing what I was going through in my life at that time.

Click here or control+click here and download amy_1_26_2006.mp3

Everything But The Girl - Temperamental (Wamdue Project Remix) - Virgin Records
Rise Ashen - Second Wind E.P. - Defected Records
Ying Yang Twins - Wait Till I Show You This - Floor Play Records/White Label
Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted (Instrumental) - Virgin Records
Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Justin Martin's Vocal Mix) - Om Records
Starbuck Jones - The Poison On My Mind - White Label
Snoop and JT - Signs (Harris Main Mix) - Shhhh!
Lawnchair General featuring Angela Carlson - Tell You Something - Westbound Music
Wescott Devine - La La La - White Label
Major Boys - Panamerica - Vendetta Records
Crispin J. Glover and D'Musik - Peacemaker Blues - One Little Indian/Westbury Music
The Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (MAW Smooth Mix) - London Music/Sony ATV Music

amy 12.29.2004

Short and sweet and kinda nutty. Like myself. I got Missy singing back up to Missy and Paula getting knocked out. You know it's funny.

Click here or control+click here and download amy_12_29_2004.mp3

Rasoul - Visions in Motion - Panhandle Records
JTM - Southern Girl - White Label
Sir Cosmic - She's A Bitch - Igloo Music
Kokee "The Nose" Anu & Korin Ladke - Ms. E Loves Jass - Igloo Music
Paid & Live - All My Time (Matty/Mousse-T's Dub Mix) - One World Entertainment Ltd.
Paula Abdul - Knocked Out - Virgin Records
Rasoul featuring Shanan - Let Me Love You (San Francisco Vocal Vibe) - Large Records
Paula Ralph - Ain't No Runnin' (Frankie Feliciano Mix) - Estereo

amy 9.6.2004

I was going through part 1 of a horrible break up when I did this mix. Hence the train wreck between Bring the Pain and Happiness. I was not having any happiness. I like the process of making things, so I thought I'd keep that in there as a personal reminder. All these mixes are very personal for me, as playing music has always been very cathartic for me. I give quite a bit of thought into the track selections, lyrics, and flow of each of them. Hope you enjoy listening to these as much as I enjoyed mixing them together. Part 2 of horrible break up here.

Click here or control+click here and download amy_9_6_2004.mp3

Rithma - Flying Over The City - Om Records
Bobby Matos - Guiro Electro - Ubiquity Records Inc
Moloko - Sing It Back (Chez Maurice Mix) - The Echo Label Ltd.
Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) Original Mix - Barclay
Unknown - See You Later - Promo
CeCe Peniston - He Loves Me 2 (Silk's Tribal Reprise) - Silk Entertainment
AK - Say That You Love Me (FK-EK Japanese Vocal Mix) - BPM King Street Sounds
Harlem Zip Code - I Feel Music - Paper Recordings
Wackside - I'll Get Over You (Ian Pooley Mix) - Polydor
Club Session - Don't Move (Jon Cutler Remix) - Chez Music
Dirty Harry Presents The Next Dimension EP - Give Into Me (Harry Mix) - Henry Street Music
Karen Ramirez - Troubled Girl (DMC Only Remix) - DMC
Ame Strong - Tout Est Bleu (Francois Kevorkian Mix) - Airtight Recordings
Final Notice - Beautiful - White Label
Missy Elliot - Bring The Pain (Chris Lum Remix) - White Label
Rob Mello - Happiness - Classic Recordings Ltd.
The Demetrios Project - Feel Alive (Jon Cutler's Distant Mix) - Milk & 2 Sugars
Sylk 130 - The Reason (Sleaze Mix) - Ovum Recordings
Trent Moller - Le Champagne - Naked

amy 1.1.2004

Nothing like starting off a new year waking up with fresh ears and doing a new mix. I probably saw Derrick Carter for NYE and woke up and did this mix straight away. That man always makes me want to work a lot harder. I've never seen anybody else that can do what he does on the mixer and turntables. It's quite sobering.

Click here or control+click here and download amy_1_1_2004.mp3

Breakdown - First Of All – Peace Feast Industries
Prince Dread Feat. Bunny Sigler - Are You A Freak (Like Me)? – Black Vinyl
Pepe Link - Guitar Vibe – Stereo Cool!
Jazzanova - That Night (Wahoo Mix) – Jazzanova Compost
Tony Senghore - Hey Chica (D's B.H.Q. Edition) – Moody
Groove Theory - Tell Me (Cleve's 122 Classic House Mix) – Epic
Ian Pooley – 900 Degrees – V2
Cibo Matto – Moonchild (D’s Funky Space Reincarnation) – F-111
Donnie – Cloud 9 - Giant Step Records
Mel B – I Want You Back (MAW Remix) – BBE
Lawnchair Generals – Sweet Nothing – Viva!
Punk Chic – DJ Spinnin’ (Scanty Sandwich’s Rose Garden Mix) – Southern Fried Records
C & M Productions featuring Malena - Para Ti – Neat Music Recordings
DJ Gregory – Elle – Defected
Jill Scott – He Loves Me (PATN Breaks mix) - Made In Taiwan Vol 1/White Label

amy 12.6.2003

Well I do live in San Francisco. As Justin Long (No Assembly Firm, not the actor) tells me: sleep house. I've been known to take it nice and deep if the mood suits me. This brings me back to when I first started DJing. It was the most awkward set up ever. I guess that's probably a big reason why I got so good so fast. It was definitely no frills equipment wise on top of the super awkward set up. The mixer was such shite that you pretty much HAVE to beat match, as there was nothing you can do to hide it. That and the fact that I did these monster 4 hour weekly sets for over a year on a Allen & Heath. I've always challenged myself when DJing with mixing in obscure tracks just to see if I can do it. There are always a few of these gems in my record bag when I play out just in case the mood strikes. You'd better watch out!

Click here or control+click here and download amy_12_6_2003.mp3

Vincenzo - Confusion - Dessous
DJ Spook - Feel Up (Salt City Orchestra Wednesday Mix) – Disorient
Joey Negro - Ride The Storm – NRK
Harry Choo Choo Romero - A Night At The Black – Bambossa
Noel Nanton - El Rey – Work
Sunburst Band - Garden Of Love – Z
House Arrest - Do What You Like - White Label
The Bucketheads – The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) – Henry Street
Dollar Bill – Crush – White Label
De La Soul featuring Chaka Khan – (It Ain’t) No Good (Can 7 Supermarket Remix) – ?
Julius Papp – Le Deep – Loveslap!
Karizma - The Power – Black Vinyl
Etienne de Crecy – Prix Choc (Price Shock) – Different
Roy Davis Jr. - Sonny - Bombay Records
Ian Pooley – Coracao Tambor – V2
Lawnchair Generals – U Dirty - Westbound Music
INXS – Need You Tonight - Polygram
Goapele – Closer – Loveslap!