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amy 12.29.2004

Short and sweet and kinda nutty. Like myself. I got Missy singing back up to Missy and Paula getting knocked out. You know it's funny.

Click here or control+click here and download amy_12_29_2004.mp3

Rasoul - Visions in Motion - Panhandle Records
JTM - Southern Girl - White Label
Sir Cosmic - She's A Bitch - Igloo Music
Kokee "The Nose" Anu & Korin Ladke - Ms. E Loves Jass - Igloo Music
Paid & Live - All My Time (Matty/Mousse-T's Dub Mix) - One World Entertainment Ltd.
Paula Abdul - Knocked Out - Virgin Records
Rasoul featuring Shanan - Let Me Love You (San Francisco Vocal Vibe) - Large Records
Paula Ralph - Ain't No Runnin' (Frankie Feliciano Mix) - Estereo

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