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amy 1.26.2006

This is the mix that won me the title of Best DJ in SF at the SF Weekly. This was a bittersweet time for me actually. I was going through part 2 of the horrible break up where I finally moved out. I remember getting that phone call where the music editor called me to let me know that I've won the title and that they will be flying me out to DJ at Ultra Music Festival, the closing party at the Winter Music Conference. After the first rush of excitement, it was this immediate feeling of melancholy. This mix starts off very melancholy, again, shadowing what I was going through in my life at that time.

Click here or control+click here and download amy_1_26_2006.mp3

Everything But The Girl - Temperamental (Wamdue Project Remix) - Virgin Records
Rise Ashen - Second Wind E.P. - Defected Records
Ying Yang Twins - Wait Till I Show You This - Floor Play Records/White Label
Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted (Instrumental) - Virgin Records
Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Justin Martin's Vocal Mix) - Om Records
Starbuck Jones - The Poison On My Mind - White Label
Snoop and JT - Signs (Harris Main Mix) - Shhhh!
Lawnchair General featuring Angela Carlson - Tell You Something - Westbound Music
Wescott Devine - La La La - White Label
Major Boys - Panamerica - Vendetta Records
Crispin J. Glover and D'Musik - Peacemaker Blues - One Little Indian/Westbury Music
The Brand New Heavies - Sometimes (MAW Smooth Mix) - London Music/Sony ATV Music

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